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pxGrid keeps growing

Cisco pxGrid has come a long way since it was launched as part of Cisco ISE 1.3. As of today, we have over 40 vendors adopting pxGrid with more joining in our next launch targeted for January 2017. Our last launch in June this year saw UBA, CASB and Network Visibility players in addition to Threat Defense partner adopt pxGrid. These partners leverage the rich network & user identity context provided in the ISE Session Directory topic and also the ability to take a remediation action using pxGrid ANC mitigation actions. 

See the blog post here:

With ISE 2.0 we introduced a new feature in pxGrid called Dynamic Topics. This feature allows our partners to create their own topics within pxGrid for all other pxGrid-enabled partners to consume information. The pxGrid server will maintain these partner created topics in its Topic Directory so that other vendors can subscribe to. Infoblox is the first vendor adopting dynamic topics by publishing a topic with DDI information for partners like ISE and Rapid7 Nexposé to consume. This enables a true bi-directional multi-vendor contextual sharing fabric that allows mutual customers to benefit from these integrations.

To learn more about Dynamic Topics visit the pxGrid DevNet pages which have more information and a tutorial on Dynamic Topics:



What Cisco Products currently supports PxGrid?

Do you have a up-to-date list?

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Jarle Steffensen

Brian Gonsalves
Cisco Employee

Hi Jarle

The following Cisco products leverage pxGrid.

Cisco FMC

Cisco Stealthwatch

Cisco WSA


Cisco Employee

Also see the ISE Design & Integration Guides under Cisco pxGrid.

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