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Interview with Cisco Support Community Top Contributor : Jennifer Halim



Jennifer Halim: How Cisco Support Community Became a Hobby


Q: Tell us about your role with Cisco.

I joined the Cisco Technical Assistance Center in 2007, focusing on security products in Australia. In 2010 I became a Technical Account Manager with ScanSafe, Cisco’s cloud-based web security service. I spend most of my day on Cisco TAC with customers. Since I cover the Asia Pacific region, I mostly interact with WebEx.


Q: How did you get involved with Cisco Support Community and how do you participate?

I stumbled on the site in March 2010. After spending time looking through the forums, I realized the discussions were very helpful. I subscribe to the security forums, including Firewall, VPN, and IPS, and receive email alerts when new comments are posted. I look over the discussions most days, before or after work if I’m too busy during work hours. It’s become a hobby!


I also read the documents published by other Cisco people. Sometimes I refer to them when someone asks a question. When we start a ScanSafe forum, I plan to publish sample configurations.


Q: Why do you participate?

Mostly, it gives me satisfaction to help people. I might know the answer right away, and yet to the person who asks, the issue could be difficult. If I were in the same situation, I would be grateful for assistance. Recently I answered a question about configuring NAT on a firewall, and the person was so appreciative he sent a personal email to thank me.


I also view the Cisco Support Community as a way to keep learning. I’m not always right, and other community members are generally friendly about improving an answer.


Q: Is being active in the Cisco Support Community helping your career?

My manager is happy for me to participate and appreciates my contribution. When the email goes out regarding the top internal contributors, he emails me and thanks me for my participation. This top contributor acknowledgement email is a great way of letting our managers know the extra things we do on the community. Following the discussions also helps me keep track of new Cisco security products and features. I might not learn about them otherwise because my job keeps me focused on the ScanSafe cloud service.


Q: Why would you recommend your peers become active in the Cisco Support Community?

It feels good to help other people, and participating also helps customers to have a good experience with Cisco. Not all customers are getting help through formal channels, and they appreciate getting answers through the community. Also, participating helps you keep learning.


My advice is, don’t be shy. If you think you know the answer, go ahead and respond.


Q: Any ideas for how we can improve the Cisco Support Community?

I’ve seen a huge improvement since I joined, and participation has increased dramatically in the last six months.

Maykol Rojas
Cisco Employee

Thank you Jennifer for all your contributions, I sure have learned a lot from you!.



thanks for your contribution focus on customer is a key to Cisco Success!!!! Go On!!!!


Awesome i like your thinking manner   !! i'm just beginning with ccna and with troubles jeje but you are an

inspiration !

Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee

Thank you all for your comments... greatly appreciated..

Rising star

Jennifer... I start with kudos for you!!!  In the recent times of CSC forums your contribution is very effective and helps a lot.... Your presence of mind and skill you have in security is excellent... Your quick response is that what a queriying person will expect.... few times i had a situation where i was thinking to reply for query... by that time you could have replied for the query!!! Keep rocking in CSC!!!

Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee

Thanks Karthikeyan... Thanks for your contribution to the forum as well. Keep up the great work!!


Hi Jennifer,

I joined this Community forum around 8 months back, since than I am seeing your name in the Top contributors list in every quarter, you have got a great momentum, keep up the good work :-) .

Congratulations for scoring so high in short span of time along with your regular work.



Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee

Thanks Anand, you are doing absolutely great yourself too. Have fun in the forum and keep scoring

Hi Jenifer,

  You are doing a excellent support in community

Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee

Thanks Sujeendran. Much appreciate the comment.


   wow..all i can say..great model

Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee

Thanks Rosemary

Muhammad Thanveer

Dear Jennifer,

I once again thank you, because the help which I have got from you on the day is serving a companies need, I thank from my team.

Thanks once again.

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