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Cisco Community November 2020 Spotlight Award Winners

How to configure ISE and PingFederate Guest & Sponsor Portal SAML SSO

Cisco Employee

This video shows a lab configuration recording of ISE 2.1 with PingFederate for Guest and SAML SSO. There is no audio.


ISE 2.1 Enhancements being showcased in this video:

New SAML Server support —Cisco ISE end-user web portals now support PingIdentity (Cloud), PingFederate (CPE), Azure Active Directory, SecureAuth, and servers running generic SAML 2.0.

Single portal for credentialed and SAML SSO login —The login portal can be configured to provide the option to log in with credentials, or to click a link that redirects the user to an SSO portal page. The link that the user clicks to redirect to an SSO provider can be customized.

Sponsor Approval Filtering —A sponsor can be limited to approving accounts based on the sponsor’s email address, or all pending accounts. Currently this feature is supported only for internal sponsors and SAML SSO sponsors.

The video shows the following configurations:


  • ISE configuration of Guest & Sponsor Portal as Service Providers
  • PingFederate configuration as an iDP
  • ISE 2.1 integration of Guest and Sponsor Portals SAML SSO with PingFederate
  • Single Guest Portal
    • Self-registration with Sponsor Approval
    • Guest logins
    • Employee logins via SSO
  • Sponsor Portal
    • Employee logins via SSO
    • Pending Accounts list filtered based on Sponsors email address (via SAML)
VIP Advisor

This is just what I was looking for!!  But the video is so low res I cannot see what's going on.

Cisco Employee

as stated in the beginning text there is no audio. Also if I make it full screen i can view it fine although a little grainy, that's all we got sorry

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