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How to hide items from the ISE Sponsor Portal page

Cisco Employee

I was asked on how to hide the Pending Accounts and Notices Tabs at the top of the page in the Sponsor Portal.


The customer in this example didn't want to show the unused buttons to their users.


I had some code already for the pending accounts but didn't have the info for the Notices tab. The attached video shows how I injected the code and also found out what element was used for notices. This same concept for finding the elements would be used on any of the pages.


Use How To: ISE Web Portal Customization Options as a reference on how to work with the different customization options. This script was put under Create Account for known guests Portal page customization Instructional Text mini-editor




   $(document).ready(function() {







To only hide the Pending Accounts List view and the Pending Accounts Details view. (remove the jQuery for notices_button)

Cisco Employee

Hi Jason,

Did the mentioned video not make the migration to the new community platform? Would it be possible to add it again?




Cisco Employee

i will work on it

Cisco Employee

check it out now