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VXLAN External L3 connectivity


I have a border leaf in my lab which is connected to external EIGRP domain (without any VRF) so it has a few EIGRP routes on its global routing table. I Also has created two VRFs on it which reside inside VXLAN network. 

Now I want to redistribute between external EIGRP and VXLAN network, no any EIGRP routes got redistributed into VXLAN network. 

The configuration of BGP on my leaf border is as follows:


router bgp 2
  address-family ipv4 unicast
  address-family l2vpn evpn
    remote-as 2
    update-source loopback0
    address-family ipv4 unicast
      send-community extended
    address-family l2vpn evpn
      send-community extended
  vrf A
    address-family ipv4 unicast
      advertise l2vpn evpn
      redistribute eigrp 1 route-map TMAP-100
  vrf B
    address-family ipv4 unicast
      advertise l2vpn evpn
ip access-list TACL
  10 permit ip any any 
route-map TMAP-100 permit 10
  match ip address TACL 

Did I miss something basic?


n1(config)# sh ip route eigrp, ubest/mbest: 1/0
    *via, Eth1/1, [90/130816], 21:32:51, eigrp-1, internal, ubest/mbest: 1/0
    *via, Eth1/1, [90/130816], 21:32:51, eigrp-1, internal, ubest/mbest: 1/0
    *via, Eth1/1, [90/130816], 21:32:51, eigrp-1, internal
n1(config)# sh ip route vrf A, ubest/mbest: 1/0, attached
    *via, Vlan2, [0/0], 2d00h, direct, ubest/mbest: 1/0, attached
    *via, Vlan2, [0/0], 2d00h, local, ubest/mbest: 1/0, attached
    *via, Vlan2, [190/0], 1d23h, hmm, ubest/mbest: 1/0
    *via, [200/0], 23:21:58, bgp-2, internal, tag 2 (evpn) segid: 4 tunnelid: 0x3030303 encap: VXLAN, ubest/mbest: 1/0
    *via, [200/0], 23:27:07, bgp-2, internal, tag 2 (evpn) segid: 5 tunnelid: 0x3030303 encap: VXLAN
Alex Pfeil
Rising star

We are currently live peering on the underlay using EIGRP and overlay using EIGRP. The underlay is for all network that are not in BGP EVPN and the overlay is for all networks that are. We used VLANs to peer, 1 underlay, and 1 overlay. The overlay VLAN is in the BGP EVPN VRF. We just have a trunk to another switch which has connections to the other routers on the same VLANs. It is working great and it is dynamic.  This solution requires no redistribution. The EIGRP AS is the same on both sides and the same on the VRFs. There are some different things you might have to understand about the solution.

If you want to do the solution your way, you have to switch to BGP and remove EIGRP. We set it up that way and you only have to have one peer and BGP does everything automatically. There are instructions from Cisco how to set it up. They also claim that OSPF will work automatically as well.

One caveat is that there are no instructions how to set up VXLAN the way I just explained with VXLAN BGP EVPN. I am working on a white paper in my spare time.





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