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Introducing IOS XR Maintenance Window Checker

Cisco Employee

Today we are releasing to the public a tool to help find differences in command outputs in two points in time (IE pre and post MW).


The issues we are addressing is what commands to gather and how to successfully parse the data when timestamps, uptimes, etc will cause normal diff tools to find lots of differences.


These scripts are still in an alpha state as we have only been able to test internally thus far, we are open to what other commands YOU the customer want to see implemented and any issues you find in the scripts!




For those of you using CSM we are performing similar work in parallel so that this functionality is built right in to CSM, but we realize CSM is not for everybody. So for those of you that want lightweight scripts that need basic python and minimal packages this tool may be for you.


Installation notes and syntax on running the scripts is included in the github repository. For any issues please email me directly and I will work with you to address any issues or enhancements you may have.





Github Repository:




Sam Milstead

Escalation Engineer, TAC/HTTS