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CISCO WAP4410N Can't set it up

I need to set up some security cameras here, and the boss has a never  used Cisco WAP4410N router collecting dust, and told me to install it. I gotta use my own personal laptop, it's a  small netbook, Aspire One DN55E using Windows 7 and Firefox. The network  switch is by ZHONE.


The wireless accesspoint has green  lights on power and wireless, but not on Ethernet or PoE. The switch has  power as green, the status blinks green, and co mode is red, everything  else is not on. The router is plugged into the first lan plug, I can't  plug it in ethernet, as my plugs don't fit. My laptop is connected to  the stitch in the secon hole, and the third hole on te switch is  connected to the internet. My laptop is receiving wired internet, and  it's working well. It's via comcast cable.


Now, where it  say's 'Configuring the wap4410N Access Point in the book that came with  the router, under 'Launching the Web-Based COnfiguration Utility' I seem  to from above already accomplished step 1, which is 'Connect your  computer to the same network the WAP4410N Access Point is connected to.


Yet, in the next step, it says to configure to the same subnet access point.


Now.....  I've followed all sorts of things requiring me to do stuff with TCP-i4  and 6 in odd little places in my computer, I've typed in on my wireless  network password the default access point in the book as well as the  default mask, nothing. I went to firefox, and typed it in my browser,  nothing- says each time it's taking too long.


I can't configure it, the next step says launch firefox, and I can't pull this off, as firefox never finds that default address.


I've tried on other forums, but no one can help me, saying I gotta go to you guys, my boss is out of the country, and people are stealing at night. I need this set up and accessible so we can get the security system cameras working.... however, it seems designed to foil me at every turn.


So, no, there is no IT support, or tech guy I can go to. The business is quite small, and I am on my own, and don't have access to his credit card or receipt to go call the number for help. Doubt he even knows where the receipt is, have to crack open the previous years receipts to figure that one out, and he's not even here. I need help fast. This is the forum everyone is pointing me to.

Tom Watts

Hello Bob Bobby,

For the initial configuration of a WAP4410N, the device will receive an automatic (DHCP) address from your existing network. This means the default IP is no longer applicable.

There are a few ways to deal with this;

1.) Unplug the WAP4410N from your network

-Connect the WAP4410N directly to your computer

-Factory reset the unit holding reset for about 30 seconds

-Assign your computer a static IP address such as with subnet mask (default gateway and DNS is not needed)

-Log in to the device at

2.) With the AP connected to the network, log in to your DHCP server and find the AP

3.) Install a 3rd party software such as ANGRYIP and IP scan your network until you find the device.

I personally recommend the first method as it is the most direct way and although more steps, it will work for sure. Once you are in to the device, I strongly recommend to know what your existing network IP scheme is and assign a static IP to the WAP4410N for future management purposes, at that time it will also be ready to integrate into your network and be prepped for any customized configuration.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts