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RV042 - Dual WAN Routing Issue

We just bought the RV042 and need to understand how to config the below

I have 2 Internet Connection and connected to 2 WAN Ports and now I want few computers to get the Internet connection from WAN 1 and Few Computers from WAN 2.. How do I setup this? I have enabled DHCP so the router now gives the IP to computers

I am using Cisco Small Business RV042 10/100 4-Port VPN Router and Firmware Version: v4.2.3.03 and I do have the following under Setup > Advance Routing and it has the below details
Destination IP :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
Hop Count (Metric, max. is 15) :
Interface : Options are LAN, WAN1 and WAN2
I tried the below settings to that is going to Internet line 2 which is WAN2
Destination IP :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
Hop Count (Metric, max. is 15) : 1
Interface : Selected WAN2
Also I click on save the routing tables changed the value to
Satish Kumar



I understand what you were trying to accomplish but this is not something you can do through static routing.

Your route technically says to get to the subnet go to, and since the subnet mask is your destination is being changed to the network ID.

There is however a way to setup Dual WAN so that certain clients use a certain WAN.

Go ahead and delete the static route you have created as it won't do what you are looking for.

Then go to System Management >> Dual WAN and click the configuration for one of the WANs.

At the bottom of that page you will see the protocol binding section. 

For the service you should select all traffic, the source IP will be whatever clients you want to send out a certain WAN, and for the destination just use  Then select the WAN port you want that client to use.  This will setup a rule to send traffic from that host out the WAN you specified.  You may need to create several to cover all of your clients.

There is also a Small Business Knowledge base article with some screenshots to help illustrate what I am talking about.  That is available here about halfway down the page.

Setup Dual WAN on RV042

Hope that helps, if you do have any problems with it go ahead and give us a call at the SBSC and we can assist you in getting this configured.

Thank you for choosing Cisco,

Christopher Ebert - Advanced Network Support Engineer

Cisco Small Business Support Center

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