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RV215W VPN Router

I am having issue accessing files over VPN ipsec tunnel.  This is mostly new to me due to never having to use VPN before and looking for some help/guidence.

I have two offices Office A uses, Office B uses both subnets are and the ipsec tunnel in the router shows to be established.

From Office A, I can ping Office B router "" but unable to access or ping an actual computer ""

We run Windows 7 on all computers and the workgroup name is set the same on all computers as well.

Should I not be able to see all the (Office B) computers in the network folder on windows since the sites are connected??

I was under the understanding when we got these two routers that after they were connected via static ip address and set up that the locations would be on the same network and be able to print and see each other as if we was all in the same location.

We are using a peer-peer network at each small office / no servers.

My end goal is to access files at office B and printing from A-B or B-A.  I would like for all the computers to show up in the network or homegroup option if possible. 

Also do I have to create a VPN connection from the computer I am working from to the other office location even while the routers are still talking together, or is that just for a mobile unit like laptop at home??

Thanks for any input and advice



Re: RV215W VPN Router

Hello Eric,

While configuring the VPN, did you enter in the Remote LAN Subnet Mask and Local LAN Subnet Mask fields. If no, that may be the problem.

Refer the Configuring VPN section on the following manual for further details:

Hope this helps,



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