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RV340 - receiving email alerts that "WAN: interface is NOW DOWN". In what way is it down?

So I just installed a new RV340 dual WAN router.  We're only using one WAN port, WAN1.  In the several hours it has been running, I have received numerous alerts via email of the WAN1 interface going down for short periods, then back up:


2019-02-08T03:33:46-05:00 <info>network: wan1: interface is now down

2019-02-08T03:34:49-05:00 <notice>mwan3: Primary/Next Primary interface wan1, is UP

2019-02-08T03:34:54-05:00 <info>network: wan1: interface is now up with


What specifically does this mean?  ie is the WAN1's ethernet link really down, or has communication with the ISP failed in some way?








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How is your network connected, Do you have ISP router Separated ? check is that rebooting ?


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WAN1 is connected to Verizon FIOS (ISP) service, which is 150/150 Mbps service (though the RV340 is connected at 1GB on WAN1).  LAN1 is connected to a Cisco SG250-26P gigabit switch - which leads to the entire network.  WAN2, LAN2 thru LAN4 not connected.


No reboots have occurred.  I suspect that GB ethernet connection on WAN1 is the issue, as the cable run is made up of 2 cables totaling 250'.  First segment is about 50' of CAT5e from Verizon ONT unit to a patch panel in adjacent room.  From patch panel to RV340 is a relatively new CAT6 cable run.  I'm going to see if I can force the WAN1 connection down a notch (probably have to drop to 100 Mbps?) and see if that stops these outage alerts...

Hi Reed,

Did you get a solution for the above issue ?

If yes then please help, i am facing the same issue.


2020-10-05T10:24:14-04:00 <info>network: wan1: interface is now down
2020-10-05T10:24:41-04:00 <notice>mwan3: Primary/Next Primary interface wan1, is UP
2020-10-05T10:24:45-04:00 <info>network: wan1: interface is now up with



Once I dropped WAN port speed down to 100 Mbps, problem went away.  So the existing ethernet cabling was the issue (at 1 Gbps)...

Hello Reed,


It might be a problem from your side or the ISP as well as a physical layer ethernet connectivity issue but most probably the communication with the ISP fails. To be 100% sure what is the reason for that intermittent WAN interruptions you would proceed with WAN port capturing on the RV340. Once you gather the log please share to analyze the output. Here is the step-by-step guide of how to enable Packet Capture: 




Was this resolved? What was the answer? I run into this when I setup 1 to 1 NAT.

2 ISPs with Static IP Addresses.

No Static Nat = no issues.

Static NAT = issue. It's intermittent and lasts about 45 seconds for 3-4 times a day.

I finally resolved this issue I have been having since Oct 2018.

I had been putting one static IP on each WAN Interface. (Different blocks from different ISPs for Failover).

Everything worked fine as long as I used Port Forwarding to a server and used the IP of the WAN interface as the host. Somehow I knew this config wasn't right but it worked.

As I had to add additional servers I had to start using 1 to 1 NAT. This would cause both WAN interfaces to bounce up and down for about 2-3 minutes 4-5 times a day.

Yesterday just playing around I factory reset both ISP Modems and set the router WAN interfaces to DHCP. I tested my 5 different 1 to 1 NAT accesses and all worked fine. The Exchange Server is no longer taking 5 minutes to route email. It's instantaneous now.

This fixed some other issues I was  having on the network such as a media server dropping ISP connection often.

End/remote users are ecstatic. So am I. 

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what a long journey and good to know your feedback.


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