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Extracting / Pushing a Device's XML Configuration


Ever find yourself wishing that you could save the configuration of a SPA phone, ATA, or IP PBX, and then restore it later?

[Edit October 2nd 2009: not supported by PAP2T, SPA2102, or SPA3102 devices]

Of course you can use the SPA9000 Setup Wizard to save and restore SPA9xx IP phone backups in a SPA9000 Voice System deployment.

But what if you just want to tweak a device's configuration and then restore it, and you don't want to use the Wizard?

You will need:

  - a TFTP server [search for a free one on the Internet]

  - a simple text editor that does not insert characters on its own [vim, for example]

Sometimes I find it very useful to extract the XML configuration from a device with the following command:


For example: [where the SPA device's IP address is]

I then copy and paste the output into a plain text file.

I like to name the file for the device I'm working with, for example: SPA962_feb172009.xml.

I edit the file with vi or vim, but not NotePad because it can insert unwanted characters.

Assume I called the file SPA962_feb172009.xml

I can now edit SPA962_feb172009.xml and then push the modified configuration back to the device with the following command:


Example: Assume IP address of the:

  SPA device is

  TFTP server is

The URL would be:

The device will request the file name that I specified, retrieve the file from the TFTP server, reboot, load, and run the new configuration.




Hi  Patrick ,  I tryed to donwload the configuration file, but the link http://<IP_of_device>/admin/spacfg.xml; show up an error 407

could you please help me

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Hi esmeraldaduran,

That is not a download URL. It is an example of what you type in the browser. You need to replace <IP_of_device> with the IP address of the SPA942 or SPA3102 for example.

For example, your device's IP address is so you would change

http://<IP_of_device>/admin/spacfg.xml to be

Good luck.





Hi Patrick

Yes sure I changed the ip address and show up the error 404 no found

I have a spa8800 I don’t know if the process is the same to SPA942



When using Linux, another way to get the config is

$ wget $(SPA942HOST)/admin/spacfg.xml --output-document=SPA942.xml

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Indeed. For those without Linux/UNIX, you can use the GNU wget SourceForge project which provides Windows support.

Thanks for contributing atcomputing.





Hi Patrick,

Is there possibility to push configuration to PAP2T using the same command syntax like in the phones?

I'm asking beacuse I've seen the added comment on the top of the documment, and we need such thing for PAP2T ATAs.



Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Hi Lukasz,

1. Use the PAP2T SPC utility to generate a configuration template.

2. Modify the template to make a configuration file for the PAP2T.

3. Cause the PAP2T to resync so that it retrieves its configuration from a provisioning server.

The instructions in this SPA500 family phone document are mostly valid for the PAP2T:






We have developm. a small tool called cid4u.exe .. to collect calls from the SPA942.
I have used the information who is available in the spacfg.xml during call.
Do you think I can use this file (status of the phone) also to push a phone number TO it .. I want to give the tool .. also ' push to call'  functionality.

I can not find any extra information to give a ' push' call to the phone .. I'am believing that this option is not available .. is it ?


Eric Oosterbaan



I have setup the tftp server to pick up an XML file I have saved but am not having much joy.

I issue the browser command:

The SPA9000 then generates the following screen message:

SPA will resync the profile when it is not in use  and reboot
you can click HERE to return to the  configuration page

However, it never attempts to talk to the tftp server. I have turned off the firewall and tried the usual tricks but no luck. Can I force it to resync or have I made a basic error?


That was a very well written article, and the best documentation to date on the subject, however

It doesnt work

"SPA will rysync the profile when it is not in use and reboot

you can click here to return to the configuration page"

How to force it to be "not in use" and make it reboot and get the appropriate file? The SPA seems to ignore dchp option 66 tftp, and this way is about my last option


I agree uleave, Love the attempts to make great documentaion, however I wonder if support is even testing against the documets. I have had this forum post explain exactly what is being done and still have yet to get an answer that is not a cop out or generic response.

Also regarding this thread:

Although I understand that a phone will reboot after these items are changed, doesnt explain why they continue to reboot.

Community Member

Sorry, I don't know the SPA232.

I do know the SPA932 which has no IP-address, it's config is part of the SPA962-config

Dan Lukes

Wrong forum/document. SPA232 is not the SPA IP Phones device but ATAs, Gateways and Accessories instead.

The document you are asking for: SPA ATA: Saving Configuration for Analysis Using admin/config.xml



O, sorry, I only saw the SPA232D ...