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SPC: Creating a Configuration File for a SPA3xx/5xx IP Phone


Most people configure small deployments of SPA phones using the phone's web-UI at http://<PhoneIP>/admin/advanced

You could also take advantage of the phone's excellent provisioning capabilities by having the phone retrieve its configuration from a file.

The SPC utility is purpose-built for each version of phone firmware. This means that you should download a new SPC utility when you download new phone firmware. The SPC is available for both Windows and Linux and can be located by following these instructions.

Here’s a summary of what needs to be done to configure a phone from a file:

  1. Run the SPC tool in order to generate a template from which to extract the desired parameters:

   C: \7.4.6>spa5x5g-sip-7-4-6-spc-win32-i386.exe --sample-xml spa50x-30x-7-4-6_sip_template.xml

  2. Create an empty file for the phone, example: spa002414D36320U.xml

  3. Copy the header and footer from the spa50x-30x-7-4-6_sip_template.xml template file to the new

spa002584D8CFF1.cfg file which is named for the phone's MAC address:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<flat-profile xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">  


  4. Copy the desired parameters from the spa50x-30x-7-4-6_sip_template.xml template file to the new spa002584D8CFF1.xml file and insert them before the </flat-profile> tag. Example:

<Profile_Rule ua="na"> http://<PathToProvisioningServer/spa$MA.cfg</Profile_Rule>


Suggested reading:

   1. "Asterisk: Zero-Touch Configuring": Pages 9-12

This document is also relevant to non-Asterisk environments and will provide a reader with an understanding of what is needed.

  2.  "SPA Provisioning Guide":


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