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Cisco offers support for the Cisco WebEx Telepresence bridge service via the Cisco WebEx Telepresence support resources. You can access support resources in the following ways:

You can also engage in interactive, ongoing discussions with WebEx Telepresence experts, and obtain additional information about the WebEx Telepresence bridge service, by visiting the WebEx Telepresence Support Community website at

With a user ID, you can post your own questions or respond to questions that other users have posted. For additional help, see our library of documents that include answers to your most frequently asked questions and troubleshooting information. Come back often as we continue to update our library with the latest information.

Before you contact support, please make sure you have the following information.

For all support requests

  • Subscription number
  • Administrative contact name and email address
  • Company name as registered with the WebEx Telepresence service

For billing and account management requests

  • Company support passcode (required)
  • Company address as registered with the WebEx Telepresence service

For issues with placing or receiving calls

  • Date and time of the video or audio call (if you cannot remember the exact date and time, please make a new call and make a note of this information)
  • Calling number (specify whether it is on WebEx Telepresence)
  • Called number (specify whether it is on WebEx Telepresence)
  • WebEx Telepresence bridge video address
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