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Cisco WAP371 Issue with roaming


I have a couple of Cisco WAP371 wireless APs and there is an issue with Wi-Fi roaming with iPhones. My test. I called my wife in the other room. She answered on another AP using Wi-Fi calling and an iPhone7. I walked to the AP she was on and when my iPhone7+ roamed it dropped a couple of words out of a sentence. The iPhone7+ roams and does not drop a call only it misses a couple of words.


I just did some more testing as this is really starting to bother me and I have new info. I only lose a few words on the first roam. If I walk back and it roams back no words are dropped. If I continue the call and do it a second time there are no words dropped. It only happens on the first roam. weird. Is this an iPhone problem or a WAP371 problem. Any ideas?  FaceTime roaming works fine.  I have 2 WAP581 APs on order.


My setup.  I have a RV340 router connected to a SG300-28 L3 switch in L3 mode.  The Rv340 is connected with an access port to the L3 switch.  The WAP371 are connected to a SG300-10MPP switch with POE+ in single point setup.  There are 2 SSIDs in separate subnet VLANs.  The WAP371 are connected with a trunk port with 2 VLANs defined.  The roaming is only across 1 SSID VLAN. The SG300-10MPP is connected to the L3 switch with a trunk port.  My iPhones are a iPhone7+ and an iPhone7.  The wireless AP are running firmware. I am only using 5Ghz as I have turned off 2.4Ghz in the WAP371 APs.

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