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E3000 with WAP4410N as repeater for extending network coverage

Hi all,

I've read through the discussions trying to setup an E3000 router and extending the network with a WAP4410N acting as a repeater -- it doesn't look like anyone has solved the issue.

I am faced with the same problem and it looks like it all comes down to this: without the WAP4410N having a physical connection to the LAN, it will not connect to the E3000 as a wireless client whether it's configured in AP mode: WDS Repeater or in client/repeater.

I've tested with various permutations that have been explored in the various discussions:

  • matching channels/bands
  • matching and non-matching SSIDs
  • matching security settings
  • using site survey to set the mac address of the E3000 (ensuring it's the MAC of the 2.4Ghz wireless)
  • setting a static IP on the WAP4410N
  • ensuring both devices are on the same subnet.

Has anyone truly been successful with this pair up of E3000 & WAP4410N or is it simply a technical product limitation?




HI Steve,

I think, your design has no limitation of technical problem. I never try this design before but here is a few thoughts which will help you somehow, I hope.

  • AP mode should be Client/Repeater mode
  • Matching band or better fixing band, ie, gonly or bonly
  • Selecting non-overlapped channels, eg, E3000=channel1 and WAP4410N=channel 6
  • Matching SSID, ie, make sure all case are identical
  • Matching Security
  • Setting static IP on both devices
  • Setting DHCP hosting on E3000

Make sure you can ping from WAP4410N to E3000. Web UI console of WAP4410N -> Administration -> Diagnostics -> Ping Test



This procedure does not work. I am also unable to pair up WAP4410N running latest firmware to E3000 no matter what I do. I also tried all permutations of config to no avail..


Does anyone have any joy with this kind of setup at all?

Rising star

Hello Steve, Thanks for using the Cisco Support Forums. I can not speak about the E3000, however one thing that you do need to ensure is that the E3000 will allow its signal to be repeated. For some routers there is a check box in the wireless setting to enable that. 

  •  AP mode should be Client/Repeater mode
  •  Matching band ie, g-only, (I would not use b-only)
  • Both devices should be on the same channel
  • Matching SSID, ie, make sure case is identical
  • Matching Security
  • Set static IP on both devices
  • Set DHCP hosting on E3000


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