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SD-Access HA support for 9800 Embedded Wireless Controller (on 9500 Switch)

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Does/will Embedded Wireless Controller on 9500 switches (co-located Border-Control-EWC) for an SD-Access Fabric-Enabled site support high availability?
Not just some floors on one 9500 with some floors on the other 9500, I mean Access Point and client SSO between two Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series Switches.

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Hi @bradwilson75 


I looked into this recently and SSO support for eWLC is currently only available on Catalyst 9300 switch stacks (not 9500 with Stackwise Virtual) with N+1 HA support for independent Catalyst 9300 and 9500 switches coming in a future release of DNAC. See the following post from Cisco that advises the same.


I think that the latest release of DNAC introduced WLC N+1 HA support in SD-Access but I'm not sure if this included the eWLC. Cisco or another member of the support community will need to advise further on this as I'm not aware of any other developments.


Hope that this helps


SSO supports for EWC is supported with Catalyst 9300 - backplane stacking.

with Catalyst 9400 SSO  is supported with dual-sup on chassis.

with Catalyst 9500 SSO will be supported with SVL,  this is in roadmap and will be supported in the future release.

Reach out to the AM/SE to get more details on the specific release where SSO would be supported with Catalyst 9500.


is it SSO that is not yet supported or eWLC itself (on C9500 SVL) ?

We are using it without major issues for now..

Raphael Lienard | CCIE #63267