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SDA Design Inquiry with Static IP Clients



I have a design and best practice question. I'm working with a customer to help build out an SDA environment. With respect to SDA design recommendations and best practices, all clients should be DHCP-based leveraging address pools. However, I was inform by the customer that they have some clients who are currently statically configured and may not want to go through the process of re-configuring the clients for DHCP. My question is there a work-around design/best practice and/or solution to deploy SDA in such a way that would allow the customer to keep any statically configured client as is? 


Any documentation (i.e. CVD/Cisco Live preso, etc), insights and/or recommendations that addresses this topic is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Cisco Employee


The steps to create corresponding ip pool and assigning pool to VN are still same.

For static clients, you need to assign the switch ports manually to the ip pool in the host onboarding section.

It will also allow you to manually assign the SGT too in the same section.

That should work.



Hi Tahuja,


Thank you very much for your input. Is there documentation that you can provide for me to look into the matter further?

Thanks @tahuja , I have a further question about this, could we create the ip pool without declaring any DHCP Server? I was trying that with DNAC 1.2.10 and I have some issues when associating the ip pool to the VN. Thoughts?


Cisco Employee

If your endpoint is statically configured you shouldnt have any issue with DHCP right?

What about other endpoints in that same scope that would like to have DHCP services , if we remove the option we could cause outages for others as well.


Mariusz Kazmierski
Cisco Employee



There is no dedicated section in CVD for such case, but it is fully supported. The main question is: do you have IP pool where you will have only statically configured clients or it will be a mix of static and DHCP-enabled ones. If pool will be only for clients with static IPs, then DHCP server does not have to be configured. If there is a mix, then you have to do it to support other DHCP-enabled clients.


Apart of the above, here is nothing specific to SDA and design considerations follow standard DHCP implementation rules - e.g. you should exclude IPs on DHCP server that will be statically assigned to other hosts to avoid hi-jacking these IPs. Static hosts should ARP for default gateway that will allow edge note to register them into IP Device Tracking and in LISP.


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The problem is not with the connectivity but with the configuration. Basically all the host that required an static IP @ are configured within the same subnet, so for that subnet there is not requirement of any DHCP Server, so we configure an IP pool without declaring a DHCP Server, but when trying to associate that pool to the VN to we cannot see it as it seems to required to have a DHCP Server configured.