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Cisco MDS 9216i and EMC Clariion CX-500


I am trying to configure CX-500 with Cisco MDS 9216i as JBOD. The FC interface comes up but my HBA does not sees the disks and also not in the show flogi database.

EMC Clariion cx-500 can be configured as JBOD or just Array only? MY HBA and FC port to CX-500 are in the same VSAN.

Any help would be great how to configure it as FL-ALPublic/Private loop.




Based on the hba. Have you tried to go into the fastutil of the hba and manually register the hba? Make sure the adapter is seeing the luns and then save and reboot and see if that helps to resolve your issue.

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Thanks for info, my HBA is Qlogic and I am using sansurfer manager to config the HBA. I could see my HBA and FC link up on sansurf and also on MDS I could see PWWN of both Qlogic HBA and Clariion CX500. But, I dont see the 15 disks inside CX500. I want to config them as Public Loop so that each disk appears seperate pwwn to Qlogic. i.e. JBOD .

i have configured the link between CX-500 and MDS as TL. I tried to do FL but the link does not come up.

Any other thoughts?


Have checked connectivity status in navisphere to ensure that things are registered and logged in? I believe you said you could see this on both ends, but was unsure.

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It shows as LUN in SanSurfer. Is there way to configure it as JBOD i.e. each disk shows up in flogi database?


what are you trying to do that requires you turn CX500 into a jbod (which you can't)


Hmm, Actually, I am studing for Storage CCIE lab and part of the lab is to setup JBOD. I managed to find cheap CX-500

enclosure with disks and want to use it with MDS 9216i.

Is there a way to convert RAID array to JBOD?


CX500 is not a jbod and will not work as one. You can present storage from CX500 as one disk but it will not appear as different target. CX500 has 2 ports per SP, those are your targets.


Technically a CX500 can't be a JBOD,  but lun expansion using concatentaion is similar.    The underlying  storage pool would consist of raid groups, of course but  creating  a metalun  using concatenation behaves like JBOD.

Stupid question.  Have you created your zones on the mds?  I would not use soft zoning,  especially if you have mirrorview enabled on the CX500.


as mentioned by others, the CLARiiON cannot be configured as JBOD.

To present CLARiiON to host HBA, you will need to ensure that...

- zoning is configured on MDS to let host HBA see the Target ports on CLARiiON

- register host HBA into CLARiiON

- Format RAID groups on CLARiiON and create LUNs

- Create storage groups to connect HBAs and LUNs

your host HBA will always see the CLARiiON storage ports as targets. all the LUNs that you create will be enumerated through those ports as disks


I have problem of finding an HSSDC2-SFP cable which is compatible with Cisco MDS 9216 switch. My storage enclosure is DELL/EMC KTN STL-4 CX400. any advice?