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We have just installed DCNM and are using Radius for login security however we did something wrong and don't have enough priviledges and cannot logon with admin account because Radius is active (bad design)


How can we fix this please ?





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Walter Dey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Fallback to Local Authentication

Local authentication always is the fallback method for RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication modes.
If none of the servers configured for the current authentication mode is available, the Cisco DCNM
server uses the local database to authenticate a login requests. This behavior is designed to help you prevent accidental lockout from Cisco DCNM.
For users who need fallback support, the usernames of their local user accounts must be identical to their usernames on the authentication servers. Also, we recommend that their passwords in the local user accounts should be identical to their passwords on the authentication servers. This provides transparent fallback support. Because the user cannot determine whether an authentication server or the local database is providing the authentication service, using usernames and passwords on authentication
servers that are different than the usernames and passwords in the local database means that the user cannot be certain which username and password should be given.


Password Recovery
If no one can log into the Cisco DCNM client as a user with a Cisco DCNM Administrator role, reinstall the Cisco DCNM server, which allows you to specify the username and password for a local user account that is assigned the Administrator role. For more information, see the “Reinstalling the Cisco DCNM
Server” section on page 2-15.

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