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MDS 9513 interaction with Brocade (access gateway)



I am currently running a SAN - Cisco MDS 9513's - consisting of two Fabrics, A & B (core-edge) over two DC's.

I currently have the unfortunate problem of a 'rogue' Brocade switch appearing as part of both fabrics.

This particular Brocade switch is actually part of a Hyper-V chassis running a VDI environment.

We currently have 34 production instances of Hyper-V running in our environment with its Brocade switch modules configured as Access Gateway (AG) connecting to the SAN.

All but one of the Hyper-V instances interact with our Cisco's as AG allowing us to see the WWPN's logging into the respective fabrics.

The one in question, however appears on the Cisco's as a 'rogue' brocade switch (see attachment's).

Together with Windows Support Team, we have confirmed that the Hyper-V with the brocade in question is configured as AG.

Note: On its original deployment the Brocade was not configured as AG, it thus flogged into the fabric as a switch and has remained as such ever since.

We are looking to remediate this and get it to interact as AG with no luck.

Could a shut/un-shut of the Cisco switch port (forcing a new Floggi) help to resolve the issue in that it would now pick up the Brocade as AG?

I have also confirmed that NPIV is enabled on the Cisco's.

Any advise on how to approach this is appreciated.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Right click on the Brocade switch and select purge.

It removes it from DCNM and is non-disruptive.

Purge Down Elements


Thank you for the guidance.

The Hyper-V that the particular brocade is part of still requires visibility to the SAN disks as per its zone set.

By purging the Brocade from DCNM, will there be any impact to the zone and will the WWPN's of the Brocade be discovered on the fabrics after the purge?

Forgive my ignorance, just need to be certain that the Hyper-V will not lose access to SAN disk as a result of the purge as it is a live production system.

appreciate your feedback on the above, kind regards.

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