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unusual request for a UCS + MDS9148s setup.


I have been tasked with setting up a new fairly traditional UCS environment with MDS9148s.  Initially it appeared to be a green-field site with only UCS, 2 x 9148s and a new storage array,  possibly a handful of new bare-metal servers.

Here's the curveball.

There appears to be an existing legacy san environment which contains some old equipment ( servers and 3par storage ).  They POSSIBLY want to be able to link a new UCS server to the legacy storage and/or an old legacy server to the new arrays.  One thing they have mentioned is they don't want to 'migrate the old legacy config to the new san'.  I've asked for clarification but I think they mean they don't want the old zoning/zonesets on the 9148s ?

Whenever I've done this in the past I would simply add in my new switches to the existing san and start using the existing vsan/zoning.

For this challenge I need another idea.....

All I can come up with is either stick to what I know ( above ) or maybe join the switches in to the existing san and build the new UCS environment in a new VSAN.  Any cross-vsan connectivity would have to be done by IVR.  I've not really used IVRs in the past but i'm reading up now...

Any other suggestions or gotchas I should consider ?


Thanks All

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so how about using a transit vsan ? I keep the existing legacy stuff where it is ( ie vsan 1 for example - yet to get access so don't know ). 


Build the new UCS environment on the 9250i in VSAN 100/101.  Use a transit vsan to provide a link between the two ?

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