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Hi,  I have a new switch - MDS 9706 version 8.1(1) and I am planning to make it the core and have it join the two MDS switches that are currently not connected - MDS9513 version 6.2(15) and a second MDS9506 version 6.2(17).   Before creating the ISL ...

eyemole by Beginner
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Dears,Customer is asking for FCoE capability with Vxlan and I m proposing a Nexus 9300,switch which will act as a Core switch and also be configured for FCoE connection   does these switches supports a FCoE which is supported by nexus 7700 series to ...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Bit of a noob question here, but I am trying to learn the CLI after using DCMN for a while.  When I run: show zoneset active on NX-OS 8.3(1) I get:show zoneset active vsan 1 zone name xxx_HBA1 vsan 1•fcid 0x0104c0 [pwwn 10:00:00:00:ff:ff:ff:ff]•fcid ...

hi, everyone:    could you please help me ? for how to solve the port initializing ?     the port is connect to UCS FI 6324.  mds9124# show interface fc1/6fc1/6 is down (Initializing) Hardware is Fibre Channel, SFP is short wave laser w/o OFC (SN) P...

xiazhen01 by Beginner
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Hi, we can admin the switch via CLI but we can not access the switch via a web browser.  The http services are running.  Is this a license issue(I thought no special license was needed for web admin)?  Any help would be appreciated.

I am currently are running the DCNM client 7.2. for my MDS 9710 switches.  I would like to start using the web client. When I try and access the web client I receive an IIS 7 web-page. Do you have any recommendations/documentation on where to start. ...