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VSAN Segmentation When Switch is Removed

I have a 9513 and a 9509 ISL'd in a single fabric. The Eports are in VSAN 2, and all the zones are in VSAN 1. ( I know this is not best practice, and is going to be fixed)  Anyway, after making the 9513 the principle switch, and shutting down all blades in the 9509, VSAN 1 segments in Fabric Manager. I have done the following so far:

made the 9513 the principle switch

checked every zone in the zone set for VSAN 1 for discrepencies between what is contained in each switch. they are identical.

I don't know how to keep the VSAN from segmenting.

Can anybody help?




are you trunking VSAN 1 ?


No.. VSAN 1 is not trunked.  VSAN 2 was at one time.  VSAN 2

was used for the ISL Trunk between the switches.  But that trunk has been deleted.  Right now, in order to keep VSAN 1 from segmenting, i have a couple of cables running between the switches as Eports.  But if i remove them, VSAN 1 will segment.

the only time i see vsan 1 segment when physical switch is connected to another switch and vsan 1 is not trunked. In your case it segments even when it's not connected to any other switches ?


Correct... there are only the 2 switches connected.  And if i remove 9509, vsan1 segments..

have you run "show logging logfile" ..and see anything interesting that could be related to segmentation.


Yes..  when i deleted the ISL trunk and shut the ports between the switches.. this is the message that shows up:

2010 Jun 23 05:54:39 NPN-SAN-SW02 %PORT-5-IF_TRUNK_DOWN: %$VSAN 1%$ Interface fc1/1, vsan 1 is down (Gracefully shutdow

it is shutting down VSAN 1.  i'm wonderig if it is just a simple matter of brining VSAN 1 back up...

worth a shot


I got it fixed..  IT ended up that Fabric Manager was just being stupid.  When i was removing the switch from the ISL partnership, fabrci manager was still seeing both sets of zone sets and interpreting that as a "segmented VSAN".  All i had to do was remove bot hswitches from fabric manager and then rediscover just the remaining switch.  problem solved...

Thanks for you help!


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