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hellohow do a new zone is made the member of the existing zoneset.we have an active zoneset for a vsan. looking to add a zone into this zonesetsteps followedcreated device alias for a host with its pwnncreated a zoneadd the device alias into the zone...

is it possible to define a looped N-port on an MDS9222i (should just send the traffic back from receive to send)? if so, what command is needed? haven't found one so far but the data sheet tells me it should be possible.thanks for any advice.mat

Hi all,I have a question about MDS9222i Gigabit Ethernet ports. Are they RJ-45? In other words, to connect one of them to a Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port on a Catalyst 4500 supervisor, do I need just a Cat 5e copper cable or are SFPs required?Thank you...

Hello,I'm trying to configure a L3 Etherchannel in a Cisco MDS 9222i, as explained in and I'm getting the follo...

luis.maia by Beginner
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