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what is interface fc2/5?


I am from Brocade background, and new to CISCO FC swithc. Todady I have a very basic question.

(config)# interface fc2/5

I could not find any document defined what 2/5 is? is this a physical port? if yes, how do I identify the location? what are "2" or "5" here representing?

Thank you for your patience with me.

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The supervisor is the part of the switch (in director class switches this is redundant and hot replaceable) where the control plane is being handled.  Think things like zone changes, flogi's ... the supervisor programs the asics in the ports which we call the data plane. Forwarding of frames is independant of the CPU in the supervisor.

here's a nice document about MDS Architecture:

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Kris Vandecruys
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Roger,

FC2/5 indicates that this is the fifth (5)  FibreChannel (fc) interface on the second module (2)

Some useful commands:

show interface

show interface fc2/5

show interface brief

show module

show flogi database

show flogi database interface fc2/5

I hope this clarifies things for you.



If I understand it correctly, only directors could allow me to add multiple modules. Could MDS 9216 also have multiple modules? because in one of examples, I saw fc2/16. Does that mean it has 2 modules?

Also is interface the same as "port"?

Thank you very much for your message, and hopefully I can continue to see your message.

Hi Robert,

yes, an interface is a port.

If you have a non-modular switch, like a 9148, all interfaces will start with fc1/

For the 92xx series, they are modular, but not director class.  Maybe this image of a 9216i helps you:

As you can see, it's 3 U.  The top part is the supervisor, then there are 2 slots for port modules.



Great, very helpful.

Just one more last question, will then let you off the hook Do you have an document can forward to me to explain what is supervisor for? I guess it is a controller, but justs wanted to get a detailed idea.

Thanks so much!