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Zoning in ISL

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Level 1

There's totally 4 Cisco MDS9148 switches which works on the following way





if i write the SW1's zoning configuration on both the SW1 and SW3


SW2's zoning configuration on SW2 and SW4 will it affect the zoning or will the zoning works?


Because it doesn't show the duplicate while i enter the commands.


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Level 1
Level 1



When you active the zoneset on vsan x no sw1, this zoneset will be active ont sw 3 too.  SW1 and SW3 are one fabric.



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Depending on what you have "distribute" set to for the VSAN, you are either distributing the active zoneset only or the active zoneset and the full zone database:


9148S-2# show zone status vsan 1

VSAN: 1 default-zone: deny distribute: active only Interop: default <<<< only the active zoneset is being distributed.
mode: basic merge-control: allow
session: none
hard-zoning: enabled broadcast: unsupported
smart-zoning: enabled
rscn-format: fabric-address
activation overwrite control: disabled
Default zone:
qos: none broadcast: unsupported ronly: unsupported
Full Zoning Database :
DB size: 1434 bytes
Zonesets: 2 Zones: 13 Aliases: 1
Active Zoning Database :
DB Size: 568 bytes
Name: tie Zonesets: 1 Zones: 7
Current Total Zone DB Usage: 2002 / 2097152 bytes (0 % used)
Pending (Session) DB size:
Full DB Copy size: n/a
Active DB Copy size: n/a
SFC size: 2002 / 2097152 bytes (0 % used)


I suggest that you set all four switches to 'distribute full' on your fabric if you don't have thousands of zones.

If for instance, the switch where you normally do your zoning fails and needs to be replaced, the full zone database will have already been mirrored to the other switch in that fabric.  It also protects you from creating a problem when you accidentally zone on the wrong switch.


Here is that scenario:

(1)Normally all zoning done on sw1.

(2)Someone creates a new zone on sw3 and activates the zoneset.

(3)Since the full zone database was not mirrored over from sw1, you could loose zones from the active zoneset because they are not present in the full zone database on sw3.


If you distribute the full zone database, it does not matter which switch you zone on, sw1 or sw3.


Remember to do a "copy running-config startup-config fabric" when you zone from the CLI.

That saves the configuration on all switches in the fabric.


Best regards,