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SG-300 28Port Gigabit Switch

Priyank Shah
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Hi All,

Does the SG-300 switch support Multicast VLAN routing ?

Can I have a IPTV Vlan and distribute the feed to 10 different Vlans ? 

I have tested the multicast-tv vlan feature but it sends all the multicast groups to the client port in which we tag the tv-vlan. Is it possible to use the multicast-tv vlan feature so that it only sends the requested multicast group to the client port ?


According to the datasheet

IGMP Querier - IGMP querier is used to support a Layer 2 multicast domain of snooping switches in the absence of a multicast router

Does this mean that multicast routing is not possible ?

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Hello Priyank,

Thank you for using the Cisco Small Business forums. My name is Cristian, I am an eContent developer and I am part of the Small Business Support Community. The datasheet also mentions Multicast TV VLAN that might better suite your needs:

Multicast TV VLAN

Multicast TV VLAN allows the single multicast VLAN to be shared in the network while subscribers remain in separate VLANs (Also known as MVR)


I also found some articles from out knowledge base that might be of some assistance:

I hope you will find this answer useful, and I hope you reply back with any questions or concerns.

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Cristian Gonzalez

Cisco eContent Developer 

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