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SG100-24 Unmanaged Switch Issues

Level 1
Level 1

I have a new SG100-24 Port Gigabyte unmanaged switch.  Recently some of the ports on the switch started acting up and we lost connectivty on several ports.  Called Cisco TAC and they sent me a new one, same issues on the replacement on several of the ports.  After further troubleshooting with TAC, it was determined that this is a known issue with this model of switch. If a port stops communicating the official work around from the TAC was to set the NIC card of the PC to 100 MB full and then normal connectivity returned to the PC from the troubled ports on the switch.

This doesn't seem like the greatest work around solution to me, and at this time i was told Cisco has no official plan of action for a permanent fix for this model of switch, and that a replacement with a new model hasn't been approved by cisco.

Does anybody have futher insight as to whether or not there will be a fix release ( maybe firmware ? ).  Or will cisco just replace this model with different model for customers experiencing this issue ?


Keith Arnold

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David Hornstein
Level 7
Level 7

This does not sound correct .

Setting a PC port to 100MFull will cause switch port auto-negotiation to fail.

I will forward this posting to the unmanaged switch product manager for his comments.

But in the mean time, can you please be so kind as to email me at  with your Small Business Support Center Service Record(SR) number so I can check the case notes for more details.

Usually this SR number  it starts with the numbers 61xxxxxxx

regards Dave