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SG220 Switch Ports will not work - Needs Reboot


I have a number of SG220 -48 POE Switches ( where I find a grouping of ports stop working.

Example Port 13-16 Ports 37-40

I have checked the port status using the CLI and GUI and performed "shut , no shut"

I have also checked the spanning-tree status.


The only fix is to reboot the switch. Then the ports work fine.

Any thoughts -- Thanks





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Aleksandra Dargiel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


If the LEDs are not indicating any physical connectivity issue I would check MAC address table for particular port, also interface send and received packets counters.

Feel free to share with us the outcome.




I have same problem as powerline3 says. exact same ports and problem. 

Second problem is my web interface says random connection refused. without rebooting and coming back randomly it allows me to log in.

I connected them trough uplinks like a stack. Whenever i reboot the last switch.. the connections on the other 2 switches (same model) will break for 10 seconds.

Did you fix the problem?... I received 10 x SG220 and at least 8 are having the same issue, for now the fix is reloading them but it is something that shouldnt happen.

Hi Arturo:

Did you open a case with the Technical Support Center? what F/M version are you running?



SG220-50P-K9 V01

Firmware Version (Active Image):

Service report:

RMA 87037693 SR 637916503


We are having the same problem and it's happening randomly on any of our SG220, when I plug an ethernet cable to any port even if it's not connected to any device a group of 8 ports stops working instantly, it randomly happens on any port. The workaround is reloading the switch.

Hopes it can by solve this problem.


how long have this been happening? What Firmware version are you currently running?


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