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Warning: Multiple LLDP neighbours on port X - EEE operational state is FALSE

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We have the CISCO SG300 28 port switch. I have noticed some log warning that appear like this:

2147451055	2017-Aug-30 11:35:01	Warning	%NT_GREEN-W-EeeLldpMultiNeighbours: Multiple LLDP neighbours on port gi12 - EEE operational state is FALSE      
2147451230	2017-Aug-30 11:35:01	Warning	%NT_GREEN-W-EeeLldpSingleNeighbour: Single LLDP neighbour on port gi12 - EEE operational state can be TRUE      
2147451405	2017-Aug-30 11:29:35	Warning	%NT_GREEN-W-EeeLldpMultiNeighbours: Multiple LLDP neighbours on port gi12 - EEE operational state is FALSE    

My initial research yielded that this is likely caused by a user/port/LAN that has multiple devices on it. That is true in my case. Port GE12 is connected to one of our offices that has limited ethernet jacks, so we run separate ethernet cables from the desktop and IP phone into an unmanaged switch, and from there they become one, connecting to a single ethernet jack. (to help explain this I have included a diagram below)

Connection Diagram for Port GE12.jpg

Assuming that this setup is what is causing the error I am wondering how I can resolve it. Is there a specific setting that I can configuration that will be more optimized for the way port GE12 is setup?

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My name is Nikola Butlev an d I'm Cisco Employee. Does this issue persist if you disable EEE? 

BTW is the firmware version on your switch


Thank you,


 On the affected switch I am currently running and when you refer to EEE, I am thinking you mean green ethernet?  it is disabled.

I haven't had this issue since I originally created the thread some time ago, so i am thinking I at the time updated to the latest firmware or I disabled the green ethernet...sorry i cant remember.



wundering where i can find the version!pp 


the latest version from the CBS 250 24p 4G smart switch is date 22-9-2021  


Hi, @nbutlev 

   I am facing similar issue, I am using SG300 28P PoE switch, Could you please the link to download latest firmware version ?

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I have the same problem experienced but I have solved it with this try. "Multiple LLDP neighbours on port fa48 - EEE operational state is FALSE" And
"Single LLDP neighbour on port fa45 - EEE operational state can be TRUE". But my network diagram Cisco port Access VLAN to Managed Switch CCTV but it's running in VLAN1 only. Refer the messages, I notice that on Cisco switch port changed mode from Access to Trunk automatically and learned so many mac-address from Cisco port. This is because CCTV switch are connected to many devices. 

no eee enable
no eee lldp enable
no lldp receive
no lldp transmit

Last changed switch port mode to access again.
switchport mode access