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3850 Adding switch without reloading the stack

Ahmed Ashfaque

Good Day,

Is there any way to add switch in existing stack and stack dont go for reload?

Please advice.


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Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

Is there any way to add switch in existing stack and stack dont go for reload?

Power OFF the new switch, attach the stacking cable and then power up the new switch.

Thanks Cheif..done that but as stack manager detects went to reload..


Hmmm ... I've never seen that before.

The new switch reloads?

If so, any chance you have auto-upgrade configured on one of the switches in the stack? If so, and if the new switch has a different version than the other switches in the stack, it will reload the new switch in order to upgrade it.

We just added a new switch to a stack.  Running 3.7.  Everything loaded fine then after 15 minutes.  Switch 1 and switch 2 reloaded.  We are checking logs.  Never had this happen before.  Same version.  connected switch powered off.  All was working then 1 and 2 reloaded

Have you find out why the switch reloaded? Thanks

paul driver
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VIP Expert

Is the new switch now added to the stack?

The reason why the stack may have reloaded could have been the way you introduced that new switch to the stack, if you disconnected the stack cabling in a way that the currently running master/secondary switches became unavailable then a re-election would have been needed to stabilize the stack again.

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Kind Regards

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 - Make sure to provision the new switch with a client stack priority value so that it can not become the master.


I've followed your advice and managed to add 3850 switch to the stack without disruption to the existing environment. Connected the powered off switch, initially show switch displayed HA Sync in progress but after 2 minutes status has changed. All tested and working. Thank you


New switch that will be added to the stack has priority 1 whereas the one which is in use at the moment has priority 11. H/V versions are the same, both running the same sw version 16.12.05b. Thanks.


 - Configure a syslog server on the stack-master , when this would happen again , check syslog messages received on the syslog collector (the syslog-server).                                 Watch for anomalies and errors.


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