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Sun Flower

Bandwidth allocation on aggregated links in CIsco ISR4431

I have 2 ISR4431, and I configured LACP which includes 2 links. So far This is just at test level.

I configured LACP, and total bandwidth reached 2 GB. Now I need to allocate this total bandwidth for different purposes such as 128Kb for Service1 and 500Kb for Service 2 etc. So that what technique do you guys recommend me? And how to test it? Thank you.  

Georg Pauwen
VIP Master



I am not sure the ISR 4431 and your current IOS version support QoS for EtherChannel interfaces. Try if your router takes the global command below, which is required for this feature to work:


port-channel load-balancing vlan-manual


The document below has several sample configs:


Configuration Examples for QoS for Etherchannels

Thank you. @Georg Pauwen It takes the command in global configuration.  

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Expert

I'm don't know what the 4K QoS supports, and support might vary based on IOS version.

Georg's reference is interesting, but it's for an ASR.

I suspect your ISR may support applying a policy on the port-channel interface, but if it does, it might only be effective if the port-channel congests, but not for individual port-channel links.

Ideally, you would want to apply a similar policy at both the port-channel and individual port-channel-link interfaces. (Again, don't know if that's supported.)

If not, and if the other side device is also a L3 device, you could use two (ECMP) L3 links rather than a bonded L2 link. Then your service policy would manage congestion as desired.

I look through these examples, and I think it suits my situation. But I am still confusing.

There will be 2 ISR at the 2 ends, and 2 links between them. I will aggregate these 2 links, and increase the bandwidth. After that, I am going to configure QoS on the port-channel interface.  

ISR1 < =========== > ISR2

The question is should I configure QoS only on one ISR or on Both of them?


Normally you would configure QoS on both sides of the link.