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C1000 Switch Does not have EIGRP Option?

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I'm racking my brains trying to figure out why, a Cisco product do not have EIGRP as an option for the router command. I am trying to implement EIGRP OTP to simplify our network, does anyone have any ideas how to enable the feature or does the C1000 does not have that option as a routing protocol?

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                     - A switch is not a router, you need to look at router products for that , 


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In general I would not agree with @marce1000 that a switch is not a router. There are many switches that operate as layer 3 switches and do routing. But in this particular case he is sort of right. Quoting from the product data sheet about C1000 "Cisco® Catalyst® 1000 Series Switches are fixed managed Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet enterprise-class Layer 2 switches". So this particular switch does not have layer 3 capability.



I agree, I posted the question to determine why ISIS and RIP are options but EIGRP is not. I was hoping someone may have run into this issue before.

RIPv1 (sometimes RIPv2 too) is often offered with base versions (if dynamic routing supported at all).

IS-IS, though, is a surprise.

Just looked at the C1000's datasheet.  How many IPv4 and IPv6 routes can be handled are mentioned, no mention of any dynamic routing protocols.

Q&A has:

Q.  What Layer 3 functionality do the Cisco Catalyst 1000 switches support?
A.  These switches support static routing.
IOS configuration guide describes how to configure RIP, but also has this note:



The device supports 16 static routes (including user-configured routes and the default route) and any directly connected routes and default routes for the management interface.

It performs L3 routing, but limited to ISIS, RIP or static. So it is capable of L3 routing.

Leo Laohoo
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Catalyst 1000 is a layer 2 only switch.  

No true, it is configure with static routing and it has options for ISIS and RIP. I inherited the network and want to simplify with EIGRP OTP.

Joseph W. Doherty
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Cannot say regarding the C1000, although "pure" L2 switches, as described by others, don't offer any routing capabilities, some "L2" switches, though, provide a very limited routing capability, such as supporting a few static route statements or perhaps some form of dynamic routing protocol "stub" support (e.g. for EIGRP).  Note - such support might also vary per actual model within a series.

Other switches are sold as "L3" switches and these, besides supporting all "L2" switch features, may offer routing capabilities as "good" (or nearly as good) as a router.  Further, such switches might be offered with models with different feature levels where routing capabilities depend on the "level", e.g. a "Lite" switch might only support static routing and RIP.  Or, possibly, some switches will support feature licenses, where you'll need a "better" license to support EIGRP.

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