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Can be 1000v run as a normal VM?

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Can be the Nexus 1000v run as a normal Virtual Machine?

I am stuck with adding network interfaces and utilizing them in nx-os console.

I do not need to replace  the simple switch in vCenter.

I just want to run instance of N1k to test its TRILL (fabricpath) capabilities, or more precisely to compare its behaviour with my implementation for OMNeT++ simulator.



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Level 1


I don't know if it helps, but I had a similar wish today.

I wanted just to launch NX-OS to perform RADIUS authentication, using a Radius server, and use custom roles for users.

I didn't know how to use this VM.

I should have used Vcenter & Vsphere , related to the documentation, but I had only VmWare Workstation.


So I extract the ISO file from the archive for Vcenter to install the "VSM".

I installed the VSM using this document :


And I blocked to the setup, because I didn't have the correct Interfaces.

By default, there is one interface for my VM. So I went to the data store of the VM, opened the .vmx file of it, and add 2 interfaces (ethernet0 was present, I added ethernet1 and 2).


Then the installation works. And for now I managed to do what I want, without understanding completely the role of the 1000V and configuring things that are not important for me now.


I hope it helps !




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