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Cant ping from OSPF network to HSRP Segment

We have an OSPF network with four 6500 Distribution Switches.  They are fully meshed and see each other as peers and are sharing routes. 

Off of one pair (Border)  there is a setup of 3750G  siwtches that go off to another network and they do not run OSPF. 

Between the Border Dist and the 3750G Switches we run HSRP.  The 3750G side uses HSRP GP 192 and the Dist Side uses HSRP 192.

There are static routes on the 3750G pointing to the Dist HSRP address to get back to network.

Pings fail from the OSPF side to the HSRP address on the 3750G side.

If I do a trace from the OSPF side to the HSRP address it hits one border dist switch then the other and fails.

If I have static routes on both border dist switches pointing to the HSRP on the 3750side, do we need to change the metric on one dist so that it is preferred over the other or should the router Id take care of that?

Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master

Hello Lockheed martin,

your post is not totally clear.

However, you should use two different HSRP groups one on the C3750G pair  for example GROUP 192 and the other one on the Distribution pair that is part of the OSPF domain (example group 193)

Static routes on the C3750G should use as IP next-hop the VIP of Dist HSRP group and the static routes on the Distribution pair should use as IP next-hop the VIP of the HSRP group running on the C3750G and should be redistributed into OSPF domain.

All the VIPs addresses, the C3750G SVIs, the Distr SVIs have to be in a common IP subnet that should be advertised in OSPF using area command + passive interface on both Distribution devices.

Hope to help