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Cisco 2960X --Stack Reboots When Console Cable Plugged In/Stack Not Coming Up After Upgrade.

Just about all of my organization's switches at the edge are 2960X series running 15.0 (2A) EX5....we have several hundred.  

Now, these are some cool switches..I love all of the features...We can do some very cool things!...and with ISE we can do even more cool stuff!

However, I have NEVER seen a Cisco switch with so many quirks!....and not just little quirks...service effecting quirks that make customers less than happy.

For instance, when I plug a console cable into a non master switch in a 2960X stack, the entire stack flips out and reboots! This has happened multiple times to more than one person on my team. No one from Cisco has been able to explain it to me yet. 

When I upgrade switches remotely, I have to have a person on standby in the case that the stack does not come back (fixed by a hard power reset). This doesn't always happen, but it's happened more than once. I FTP the image to the switch and use the archive download command...then reload. (archive download-sw /overwrite /imageonly flash:c2960x-universalk9-tar.150-2a.EX5.tar). 

Anyhow, can some explian this to me? Is there something that we are doing wrong here? I've been working with Cisco routers and switches for many years and have never experienced this many problems. As I mentioned, I love all of the cool features....however, it would be even cooler if I didn't have these frustrating problems that put everyone on edge. 



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Hello there,

same problem on my site. When i log in with cyclades the switch is rebooting and a master change happend. If i log only into the master, then nothing happens.




The problem went away when I upgraded to 15.2(2)E3. When I downgraded to the old software (15.0 (2A) EX5) the problem returned.

Been running 15.2(2)E3  this for several months on a few hundred problems to report yet. Seems to be very stable, no problem with SFP modules either (which is why we were running the older 15.0 code. 


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