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cisco dhcp options vs linux




we have an old linux dhcp server for our iptv network, and i want it finnaly to be shutdown. But i m having tourble with it like what to do / deciphering how to translate it into cisco.


# KreaTV Vendor Specific Information
option space KreaTV;
# Which boot method to use
option KreaTV.theme-protocol       code   1 = string;
option KreaTV.kernel-protocol      code   2 = string;
option KreaTV.boot-loader-log      code   3 = string;
# Infocast boot options
option KreaTV.bootcast-address     code  10 = string;
option KreaTV.bootcast-attempts    code  11 = unsigned integer 8;
option KreaTV.bootcast-timeout     code  12 = unsigned integer 8;
# TFTP boot options
option KreaTV.tftp-theme-filename  code  20 = string;
option KreaTV.tftp-kernel-filename code  21 = string;
option KreaTV.tftp-server-pool     code  22 = array of ip-address;
option KreaTV.tftp-pool-attempts   code  23 = unsigned integer 8;
option KreaTV.tftp-node-attempts   code  24 = unsigned integer 8;
option KreaTV.tftp-rrq-timeout     code  25 = unsigned integer 8;

option KreaTV.tftp-timeout         code  26 = unsigned integer 8;
option KreaTV.tftp-blocksize       code  27 = unsigned integer 16;
# HTTP boot options
option KreaTV.http-server          code  60 = string;
option KreaTV.http-port            code  61 = unsigned integer 16;
option KreaTV.http-timeout         code  62 = unsigned integer 8;
option KreaTV.http-attempts        code  63 = unsigned integer 8;
option KreaTV.renewal-method       code 100 = boolean;
vendor-option-space KreaTV;

host vip5202-dev {
hardware ethernet a4:98:13:66:aa:c7;
# option option-128 "";

# fixed-address;
option KreaTV.boot-loader-log "";
# option KreaTV.kernel-protocol "111";
# option KreaTV.theme-protocol "111";

# option KreaTV.http-server "";
# option KreaTV.http-port 80;
# option KreaTV.http-attempts 3;
# option KreaTV.http-timeout 10;

option KreaTV.bootcast-address "";
option KreaTV.bootcast-attempts 3;
option KreaTV.bootcast-timeout 10;



I guess the start of code are "just variables" there is a one host example.


I tried to creating an iptv dhcp pool and adding there either as option 43 /10 ascii / hex

ip dhcp pool iptv

option 43 ascii ""

option 10 ascii ""



if i wireshark the packets the cisco dhcp refuses to get you any other option (either 10 or 43 in hex /ascii,) have no idea if it should be 10 , or just constructed 43 hex type (eg 0a for "code" 10 , 0a for 10 characters (e0020202 - and 3a0202020202 for :22222)

seen few posts that have trouble passing dhcp options to devices, and even i pass this one, what about the others ? need like 4 other...


Thank you.

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 - You are better off by looking into a new Linux a server or a dedicated dhcp appliance such as  Infoblox, or others  , these have more and or more flexible options for configuring dhcp options. Also dhcp server on a cisco switch or router is not advised because it can lead to race conditions when network services are needed.


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can you more elaborate here please ?

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