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Cisco IP clock system


Can Cisco switches be used for providing POE and network connectivity for IP clock systems?

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Leo Laohoo
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Can Cisco switches be used for providing POE and network connectivity for IP clock systems

Depends on the model of the Cisco switch and what is the requirement of the clock.  

could you please share any good document regarding this topic?

You'll find most of the switch models have their own poe guide if you search for it. Click here for the POE calculator(have to be logged in) this might come in handy and here is a troubleshooting guide.

We have a small IP clock deployment with about 100 clocks.only specific thing I did with POE was, enabled static power on the clock ports,this way you only pass them enough power but not the maximum due to not having cdp   

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


As Leo said, PoE support is dependent upon the model of the switch. When shopping for a switch, you can quickly verify if it has PoE capability by looking at the model number. For example, if you see WS-C3560-48PS-S or WS-C3550-24PWR-SMI, it is PoE enabled.

If you have physical access to a switch, examine the LED modes for a "PoE" setting. 

If you have console access to a switch, use the "show power inline" command to see which ports, if any, are PoE enabled.

Hope this helps!


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