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Configuring Cisco 891w router for internet access plus DHCP addressing based on department

Hey guys,

I have a Cisco 891W router (which also provides wireless functions) and I wanted to know how can I configure this router for internet access? I've already configured a static address on GigabitEthernet0 and I was able to ping both of my computers that are hooked up to it, but I cannot ping out to an external website.

In addition, I wanted to know how can I configure DHCP addresses based on the departments/sectors. Here's the addressing per department:

IT Department: to

Administration: to

Accounting: to

Human Resources: to

I've already excluded IP addresses from to from my network. The default gateway that I configured for the 891W router is My Windows Server 2003 server is running an address of, while my Windows Server 2008 server is The Windows Server 2003 will act as a DNS, DHCP, Active Directory and Print Server, while the Server 2008 will act as an exchange server, File Server and Web Server. I've already attached a drawing to further illustrate my situation. I'm also attaching my running configuration as well (unless you people can ask me to post it here). Currently, the servers are hooked up to an ASUS GX-D1051 switch and I'm considering to put this switch on the 891W router. I was wondering if you have any suggestions about if I'm allowed to connect this particular switch into this router?

Please note, the actual name for my Windows Server 2003 and 2008 servers are actually and respectively. S&A Rail is just a fictional company that I had made up. The "S&Arail" name that you see in a diagram is actually on what I had mentioned at the beginning of this sentence.

I'm using Cisco Configuration Professional to configure my setup, but I do have a tendency to use the command line interface using Tera Term - only as a last resort! We are using a high-speed cable internet connection in this scenario.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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