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Deactivating routing script


we have been asked to create a file such .bat or any thing else that could deactivate all the routing on Nexus 7010 .

please could any one helep on explaining it because I went through the web looking for any information aboiut this but in vain .

manu thanks in advance

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi never used .bat file but in NX-OS you could just turn off the services as its a nexus which will stop it participating in any igp/ebgp routing

no feature bgp

no feature ospf

no feature ospfv3

no feature eigrp

no feature rip

# sh feature
Feature Name          Instance  State
--------------------  --------  --------
bfd                   1         disabled
bfd_app               1         disabled
bgp                   1         disabled
cts                   1         disabled
dhcp                  1         enabled
dot1x                 1         disabled
eigrp                 1         enabled
eigrp                 2         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 3         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 4         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 5         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 6         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 7         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 8         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 9         enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 10        enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 11        enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 12        enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 13        enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 14        enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 15        enabled (not-running)
eigrp                 16        enabled (not-running)

Hi Mark,

Thanx a lot for your reply , let me explain to you why we want to use a file or any application , beacause we want that one of the employees that he/her  to use this if any went   wrong , and of course this employee will just presse run so the file or the application will launch the cammand on script .

so please have you any idea about an application that could implement this action .

Many thanx 


Went wrong in what way , that means the script is going to need know what has gone wrong and be able to correct it when its ran , you could run it through EEM either on a nexus and script it that way , so if something is seen as wrong EEM initiates the script and corrects it but first you need to know what there going to do wrong to be able to correct it

as this nexus it will be connected to production , so we want to be sure that if we add some routes on ospf and any thig goes wrong we can let one of the local employee stops the routing using an apllication. 

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