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High Error Output on Trunk Interface - Help Troubleshooting

Hello everyone, new to the forum here!

We have three switches in our company, one of them is the core switch, and the other two is where our client PCs are connected. The switch core also has an ESXi Server connected to it, where all of our services are hosted. Additionally, we have a Cisco ASA Firewall connected to it. In order to monitor our interfaces and other devices/servers, we use Zabbix 4.0.

Everything was working normally, we hired +35 people, and everything is practically the same, however, we are getting alerts on Zabbix about high error rate on output interface Gi 1/0/22, this is one of the trunk ports which is connected to one of our non-core switches where end users are connected to. Sometimes we also receive alerts for interface 1/1/2 which is where our outside interface on the Cisco ASA is connected to, this last one goes away after some minutes, and it only pops-up from time to time.

However, our Gi 1/0/22 alert stays there for over an hour, then it goes away, and re-appears. The cabling of these interfaces was changed two days ago on a schedule where no people was working. The alert still pops up however reducing from an hour to 25-30 minutes. So, that might be an improvement, but I am still concerned about the alert. What other options do we have in order to troubleshoot this issue? Should I post an image of our interface?

I'd be eternally thankful for the help! :)


Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
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Is there any qos parameters configured on interface 1/1/2 and 1/0/22? If yes, can you remove it and test again?


Quality of Service is configured for VoIP packets and Skype:

(See images attached)


I cannot disable this, as our company uses and conduct Skype VideoConference, and we also depend on the QoS for phone calls. When this is not implemented, these just mentioned products perform in very poor quality.


I completely understand that.  Can you disable and test it after hours when there is no one in the office?


Mmmm any other thoughts? or explanation about how QoS affects this?


The thing about that, is that off-hours, the alert does not pop-up, as there's not enought traffic on the interface to trigger it.


Why would QoS be affecting this anyway? (I wanna learn that)

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