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how can convert IP to dyanamic to static


Posted by WebUser Robert Naperi from Cisco Support Community App

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InayathUlla Sharieff
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Here are three different approaches you can use to move from using dynamic IPs, handed out by DHCP, to configuring static or permanent addresses:

  • Reserve DHCP addresses on the router for select clients: If your router has a DHCP reservation feature, this is a great way to quickly solve your IP dilemma. You don't have to physically configure each computer. You simply tell the router to always give a client a certain IP.
  • Thus when the client polls the DHCP server when it connects to the network, it will automatically receive its reserved IP. Clients without a reservation will simply receive a random IP like normal. You might even think about doing this for all your computers and devices; it's quick and easy.
  • Manually configure select clients with static IP addresses: Do this only if select devices and computers need a static IP and the other ones can use DHCP. You'd have to take a minute or two and input the IP details into the desired computer(s). It's not as quick to go this route with multiple computers; however, you don't have to access the router.
  • Even regular network users have the ability to do this, given that they have administrative rights on their Windows account or at least the ability to edit network settings.
  • Manually configure all clients and disable DHCP on the router: This is similar to the above approach but requires you or the users to manually configure any device that connects to the network.
  • This is great if you find it beneficial that all the computers and devices have a permanent IP address. Just keep in mind that you'll need to manage these addresses.

    If you have more than a few clients on the network, you'll probably have to store a list of addresses and reference it when new clients join, so there isn't a conflict.

We'll step through these approaches in the next sections

In Simple words for static we define the ip address manually under the interface.


Int f0/0

ip address <<< This means you are statically defining the ip address to the interface.

*Set to an IP address which is unchanged for months or years at a time. This is a static IP address





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