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limiting upload in cisco 7606 router and browsing speed.

Good morning all,

This scenario belongs to one ISP

1) my internetplan is 10Mbps

it means file download speed is 10Mbps or 10Mbps is devided by 8

what is the browsing speed?

Can we confirm browsing speed is perfect if file download is accurate likebellow

 browsing speed = 8 multipled by file download speed

user is corporate client and received public. They are using this public ip to upload large files such as 100MB in youtube.

After their video upload public will watch those videos in their youtube channel. The content should be the same in TV channel and youtube channel.

user is subscribed to 10MBps bandwidth. Their upload size varies between 50MB to more than 100MB.

sometimes they are able to upload 100MB file into youtube channel in short span like 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

sometimes it is taking more than 3 hours to 6 hours. Download speed is about 1MBps. using i tested.

In upto 25MB upload is occurring without any problem. But when we start using 50MB file upload it is taking long time like hours.

The same thing happens while uploading in youtube also.

I have bellow doubt?

What is the possibility by isp in routers by  limiting serial port/ ethernet port/XGIG port in uploading file size and the same in switch also.

As a team member i do not have the permissions to login to cisco 7606 currently.

we are using microtek router also.

Please help me.


suresh cisco certified CCNA 224125627

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Philip D'Ath
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

A Cisco 7606 would not be used to limit upload size like that.  It will be configure either for policing and traffic shaping.  You can configure a burst size, but it is not likely to be related to this issue as the burst size would not normally be configured anywhere near this size.

My first guess - other users at the customer site using the circuit at the same time affecting the first user doing the upload.

My second guess is that the ISP is experiencing congestion towards You Tube.

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