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Multiple vlan across 2 switches and 1 Router


Hello Everybody.

Im very new in networking and still learning, I have put together a home lab and I have 2 old switches Catalyst 3750 24 ports and a Catalyst 3560G 48 ports and the router is a 3800 series

I have planned to create around 7 vlan, but Im still struggling and I have some questions.

Can I configure 3 vlans in the 2 ports switch and the other 4 vlans in the 48 ports switch? I have 1 vlan designated for trunking, but i dont quit understand if both switches have to have exact same vlan configuration? or each switch can be configured with different vlans?

Also i would like to know if I assign ports to a vlan 10 in switch 1 for example, and I have a Pc configured with that vlan but connected to switch 2 still will work? 

Im using Cisco Packet tracer which im still learning it.


I will appreciate any help to solve it!!

Thank you


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Leo Laohoo
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Move this thread into the Cisco Learning Network.

sorry for my ignorance, but where exactly I should post  it. Can you please provide me with a link



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