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need help for ACL

Chirambo Wayne

please can some one help me to configure ACL in this topology like this:



    1. Permit only http access for all networks to the Internet. Test all PCs can browse to the test website,, on the ISP server.

    2. Create a firewall to only allow established communication i.e. replies for web pages into the company’s network from

    1. Deny all other protocols to the Internet.

    2. Permit all access from IT support throughout the company’s network.

    3. Permit FTP and HTTP from workstations on subnetworks to their own servers. Additionally, allow Finance workstations access to PLBYOD’s servers.

    4. Telnet and ping is denied to all users except from IT support workstations

    5. All departments and divisions require access to their own severs and general server at HQ.

    6. 12-32-30_1.jpg
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this homework config acc share it and we will check if there something wrong with config.

ooh ok ok fine

Georg Pauwen
VIP Master VIP Master
VIP Master



that is a seemingly rather complex issue. Is this all supposed to be configured in one, single ACL ? Can you at the very least add the IP addresses to the drawing ?

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