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Proper use of Jumbo Frames


I have two hosts in the same vlan on a 2960g switch. On of the hosts is a SAN and the other is a virtual host on a Xenserver stack. Again both hosts are in the same vlan.


1. Would using jumbo frames in this case give me any improvement in performance? Our i/o is very high on the SAN.

2  Am I right in thinking that on the 2960g jumbo frames are enabled on the switch as a whole?

3. If so, will that adversley affect the other hosts on the switch?



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Copied from the text in the link below:

The default maximum transmission unit (MTU) size for frames received and transmitted on all interfaces on the switch is 1500 bytes. You can increase the MTU size for all interfaces operating at 10 or 100 Mb/s by using the system mtu global configuration command. You can increase the MTU size to support jumbo frames on all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces by using the system mtu jumbo global configuration command.

Gigabit Ethernet ports are not affected by the system mtu command; 10/100 ports are not affected by the system mtu jumbo command. If you do not configure the system mtu jumbo command, the setting of the system mtu command applies to all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

You cannot set the MTU size for an individual interface; you set it for all 10/100 or all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on the switch. When you change the system or jumbo MTU size, you must reset the switch before the new configuration takes effect.

Frames sizes that can be received by the switch CPU are limited to 1998 bytes, no matter what value was entered with the system mtu or system mtu jumbo commands. Although frames that are forwarded are typically not received by the CPU, in some cases packets are sent to the CPU, such as traffic sent to control traffic, SNMP, or Telnet.

When jumbo's are enabled on the switch, this only means the switch can forward them.

Hosts must be configured to send/receive jumbo frames.

When the end hosts on a vlan are not sending any, everything works normally.

The best approach is indeed to allow them only on a per-vlan basis although WANs also benefit from larger frame sizes.

Storage networks are one of the most useful applications for Jumbo frames.



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