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QOS per VLAN IN Switch 3850

Hi Dear Friend I have switch 3850 with Trunk port

No i want Limit VLAN BW Per vlan


note: Switch is Layer 2 Only

I want  pilocy any trafiic TX OR RX on vlan 34 For example

VLAN 34 Shapping 60M TX and 60M RX



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Re: QOS per VLAN IN Switch 3850


Re: QOS per VLAN IN Switch 3850

Thx For your help but

I want apply Different QOS on Different VLANS

For example vlan 34 10M

VLAN 33 5M

And apply On Trunk Port Interface


i Assign only One Service policy on Physical Trunk Interface

Please Help me


My config is:

class-map vlan 34

match vlan34

policy-map vlan 34

class vlan 34

police 10000000 bc conform-action transmit exceed-action drop


Now Assign policy-map on Trunk physical Interface

interface tengigabit 1/0/7

service-policy input vlan34

service-policy output vlan34


But Not working



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Re: QOS per VLAN IN Switch 3850

Cisco switches aren't quite routers, even if IOS-XE would have you believe that anything goes ;) 


If you want to use policy-maps for bandwidth, you do it per port and not per SVI. You can use SVI's for marking, sure, but not for bandwidth restrictions. 


The supports a VLAN QoS feature that allows the user to perform QoS treatment at the VLAN level
(classification and QoS actions) using the incoming frame’s VLAN information. In VLAN-based QoS, a
service policy is applied to an SVI interface. All physical interfaces belonging to a VLAN policy map then
need to be programmed to refer to the VLAN-based policy maps instead of the port-based policy map.
Although the policy map is applied to the VLAN SVI, any policing (rate-limiting) action can only be performed
on a per-port basis. You cannot configure the policer to take account of the sum of traffic from a number of
physical ports. Each port needs to have a separate policer governing the traffic coming into that port.

Re: QOS per VLAN IN Switch 3850

Thank you For attention
Please Help me
How limit BandWitdh Of VLANS (layer 2 Switch work only )
In switch 3850???
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Re: QOS per VLAN IN Switch 3850

You don't, at least not on the switch directly. Here are some alternatives:


One option is a router on a stick:  send all VLANs to the gateway and apply a policy-map per subinterface. This assumes that traffic isn't being switched on the L2 switch between access ports, doable via proxy-arp on router and private-vlans/protected ports on the switch, so all traffic from these VLANs goes up to the router and is there being policied. Make sure the router port isn't a bottlneck.


Another option: Ugly ugly option. Each access port from the switch (S1) will be a single-vlan trunked to a second switch (S2). Each physical port on S1will have its own policy. They are aggregated at S2 and then sent along via a 802.1q. Make sure not to oversubscribe the downlink at S2.








Re: QOS per VLAN IN Switch 3850

Hi Dear You Say donnot have any solution For Limit Traffic VLAN In switch 3850???? In trunk Mode
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