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QoS setup on Nexus 7000 based network

Hello All,

I am joined to a new company which as 3500 users and the following are the infrastructure.


1. 375 Access Switches (3750x) - in 83 Stacks (83 IDFs)

2. 8 x N7009 distribution switches, the IDFs are conncted in 2 x 10Gbps in vPC. The distribution switches are in vPC pair domains. Distribution switches running VLANs Layer 3 SVIs.

3. The distribution switches are connected to 2 x N7010 Core Switches and those are in vPC domain too. Distribution to Core are connected with 40G links, and dynamic routing is enabled with ospf.

4. There are 2 x 8510 WLCs are connected in vPC with Core Switches, 1200 APs are connected to IDFs.


I could see that the QoS is not setup in the edge side and have the following questions.


1. Based on the reading, I am enabling - mls qos trust dscp on all AP ports --> how is that?

2. mls qos trust device cisco-phone - on all edge switch ports where cisco phones are connected.

3. On edge switches PO links towrds dist switches - i am individually enabling mls qos trust cos --> is this fine as PO is already running and will it take effect? (this is enabled for any reverse traffic frames comes back from dist switches and trust it)

4. Read and understood that nexus by default trust cos and dscp values from incoming frames/packets. And we need to setup the queues --> what is your recommendation on enabling the queues?

5. We have more than 100 multicast streams running on the network. The core swithces are running as the RPs and all relevant interfaces are configured with sparse mode --> please tell me - is multicast packets also prioritized under the above QoS configuration or is it needed separate configuration? The WLC is enabled with global multicast mode.


Currently we have some slowness issues in the network and i am trying to resolve it, appreciated your valuable comments :) 










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