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QoS - Vlan prioritization



We have three vlan defined in Distribution switch, 2 users Data Vlan "vlan 10 and vlan 15 " and one management vlan "valn 1300". We want to give priority to vlan 10.

I want to do QoS to achieve this, he is what I want to do:


#Config t

(Conf-t)#ip access-list 10 permit  ( standard access-list for classifying the traffic of vlan 10)

Class-map marking

match access-group 10      >>>>> calling the access list in the class map

policy-map classification

class marking        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> calling the class map in the policy map

set dscp 41            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> setting the traffic with a marking of dscp 41

int x/x    

service-policy classification input    >>>>>>>>>>>> applying the service policy to an interface

Apply the above service policy to all the interfaces which is in vlan 10.

Now, put  priority-queue out on all interfaces on the 3560 switch.

Int x/x

priority-queue out


Did I miss anything ? any recommendation ? These all Data vlan "no voice, no video,...."


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Jose Solano

Hi Tayeb,

It looks good to me, you are classifying the traffic for vlan 10, have the class map setting the marking for that traffic and applying the service police to the interfaces, for me it looks like it´s all set here. Only thing to take into account is that  when you enable “priority-queue out” on an interface, it turns queue 1 into priority queue, and scheduler effectively does not account for the queue’s weight in calculations. Note that PQ will also ignore shaped mode settings as well, and this may make other queues starve.

Since this is just for data traffic I believe that it should work for you just fine.

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