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Setting a static IP




I have been tasked with assigning a static IP to a network enabled security device.

I know we have a vendor VLAN it will be using. I know the IP address, Gateway, and Subnet mask I need to give the device. I know the mac address of the device itself.

There is no interface on this device that I can access as it is a proprietary connection.

I will soon be figuring out which switch port this device is plugged into so I can give the port access to the correct VLAN.


I am not sure how to assign/reserve the IP address for the device though.  Any help would be appreciated!




Saurabh Gera

Login into the Box Using Console/Serial Cable 

Type Following COmmands 


1. Conf t

2. int Vlan x

( x is the vlan Number ) 

3. Ip address y.y.y.y z.z.z.z

( y.y.y.y --> Ip Address and z.z.z.z --> Subnet Mask ) 

4. Exit


You Vlan has an Ip Address, however you have to assign the port to vlan . 


Which Device is this, I mean type of router or switch ?



Saurabh Gera 


Thank you for the quick response!

It is a Cisco 6500 core switch and the endpoint is a 3560.

The VLAN should be all set up as multiple other devices use it from other vendors. I just need to make sure the port I plug it in has the correct VLAN assigned. However, once I make sure that port only has access to the correct VLAN, how do I make sure the device gets assigned the static IP/subnet/etc?

Then you asked in wrong community. Neither 6500 nor 3560 is product of Small Business product line.

This thread will be moved to more appropriate forum.

This discussion has been reposted to the LAN, Switching and Routing community.

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